Your parents about dating

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If you happen to be dating someone who is not your age , and especially if that age .

Aside from physical dangers, being the victim of dating violence at a young age puts you at greater risk for lower grades and depression.

When you’re silent about what’s happening, you can end up isolated from your friends, and it can become harder to get out of the situation.

If you're being abused in a relationship This isn't a subject that you may feel comfortable talking about, but in addition to calling the cops, also make sure that you connect with your parents about this — their support is going to be pretty crucial in making it past some of the more difficult aspects of this situation.3.

What type of people you're attracted to You don't have to get into nitty gritty details but blind dates and introductions to the children of co-workers, or the new intern in their office are a lot less awkward when the parental units are clued into what you like.4.

Understanding a relationship with an abusive partner—and how to leave safely—can be difficult, and your parents can help you to figure out your options, or can help you connect with a trained domestic violence advocate to learn about safety planning. Do you need to change passwords on your social media accounts?

Your parents about dating

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