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(Edward stands up from the fallen log to make a demon face and yell) NC (voiceover): Oh, no, we got consumed by those stupid scary face videos from You Tube! ” (Miriam enters the lab to remove the cloth mask from Edward’s comatose face (he also wears the same unusual rubber suit that Catherine does)) Henry West: Mister E. NC (voiceover): Oh, yeah, and they don’t call the boy “Edward,” either. (Cut to Edward’s room with Ella (Edward’s mother) caressing her son’s hair and the father (Lucien) looking on) Catherine: He loves it when you visit. (Cut back to Carl’s sanctuary, activating some gears) NC (voiceover): We cut back again to Carl’s hobby, which seems to be very…um…specific.

NC: (as Henry West) I don’t care if they rebooted the “Spider-Man” movies. (Emerging from the hole is the demonic monster version of Edward, snarling; Cut to Catherine waking up from her doze, startled) NC (voiceover): (as Catherine) Pointless! Oh, thank God that scene will add a lot to the movie.

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(Movie posters for several exploitation films are shown as NC speaks) NC (voiceover): The movies that take an often controversial subject and—what else? Now, a good chunk of the time, the makers of these movies know they’re making over-the-top tripe, like jailsploitation films, blacksploitation films, sexploitation films, goresploitation films… (Two doctors in the adjoining console room use a code to get a response out of Catherine) Dr. Catherine: (sounds hoarse and groggy) A pocketful of rye… NC (voiceover): You know, I’m starting to think this is one of those really highly-funded personal porno movies that somehow fooled executives into thinking it was telling a poetic story.

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