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The article reported on two new studies: one that found people with schizophrenia were almost twice as likely to carry the parasite, and another showing schizophrenic adults were more likely to have had pet cats as kids. Most people pick up the parasite from gardening or eating undercooked meat, not from their pets, according to Arjen Sutterland, lead author on one of the studies.

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Along with a more aggressive exterior highlighted by massive 23-inch wheels, the interior has been crafted with visible carbon fiber and full-leather upholstery.

The trend continues with the other Mansory projects, all of which have been outfitted with custom interiors and carbon fiber accessories.

Teams often switch or alter their wheels to ride on top of the soft sand.

Here, Due to differences in size and speed, the sculptures or “machines” quickly spread out along the course.

Defined as the art of costume role-playing, a great cosplay involves creativity, accuracy and staying in character.

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