Who is wes bentley dating

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Wes, who played Seneca Crane in 2012's in 2012, however, Wes revealed how fatherhood had changed him.

Who is wes bentley dating

(born as Wesley Cook Bentley in Jonesboro, Arkansas, U.

S.) is a famous Actor from USA, he is 38 years old and still alive, born September 4, 1978.

Here he played against the late Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson.

After this it would be five years before his next big role, as the evil Blackheart in Ghost Rider (2007).

“It happens to everybody on the show,” says Bentley, 37. I was more concerned now that I have two small children that they’re going to see it. ’” And then there’s the blood: gallons of the fake stuff that flows from exit wounds, slit throats and severed arteries.

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