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Alfie is ejected from Walford East tube station for fare evasion, and causes havoc in the market by getting a refund from Winston (Ulric Browne) for a video he stole and tricking Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou) into giving him free fruit.After acquainting himself with a few residents, he sneaks into The Queen Victoria public house and helps himself to a drink behind the bar.

It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

The Celebrities and the Plebs played separate challenges, in order to keep them unaware of the other groups' existence.

At the age of just 30, Roxy Burger boasts a television and film career spanning 18 years.

After numerous international and local TV commercials and Disney film roles, Roxy landed her spot on MNETs flagship children’s channel, KTV, which saw her voice expertise and natural presenting ability flourish.

Alfred William "Alfie" Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera East Enders, played by Shane Richie.

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