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Rest In Peace Will." The Saints and the family of Smith will host a visitation from 2 p.m. Friday, April 15 at the Saints' indoor practice facility at 5800 Airline Drive in Metairie.

On Wednesday, the attorney for Cardell Hayes' passenger told USA Today that Smith was "going to shoot" as Hayes began shooting the former Saints defensive end over the weekend.

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'I witnessed a close friend, teammate and a man that I thought of as one of my big brothers in the NFL shot to death OVER A F*****G FENDER BENDER!!!! Smith and Thomas had been New Orleans Saints teammates between 20 and had remained friends - the pair had dined with former police commander Billy Ceravolo at Sake Cafe before Smith was killed.

these images that I have in my head will never leave me and I understand that and will have to live with it,' Thomas wrote. but I am willing to do my part to help and find a solution.

Originally identified by their emblem of an arrow piercing an apple, and later by the “FHF” hallmark, these movements are the perfect example of the revolutionary processes introduced and adopted by the directors of Fontainemelon, who embraced scientific constructs, the division of labour, the referencing of parts, and the need to adapt the manufacturing process to meet the requirements of their clients, the watchmaking factories.

Murkiness still surrounds the bizarre shooting death of former New Orleans Saints star Will Smith, but the message is clear from Pierre Thomas.

Pierre Thomas was CNN Justice Correspondent from 1997 to 2000.

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