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I know [the Nostalgia Critic] has said he would like to make love to himself, but that’s not selling sexuality, that is humor.He asked if the Disney execs wanted to f*** bunnies, yes, that’s also humor, but he sounds normal when he says it. And yes, Speed Racer dresses up like a sperm, that’s again, humor.

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As a teen growing up in a redneck town in Appalachia, Lindsay was first exposed to the big wide world of the internet, likely through the proto-Tumblr, Live Journal, where she probably recieved 90% of her education about the world.

Slowly it dawned upon her that she; a cultured and intelligent young girl, should not be trapped in the redneck town she was raised in.

And instead should escape Appallachia, get a career, become a feminist, and make it her mission to show everyone how not racist she is, by uplifting the oppressed and lesser brown people.

Through allowing them to date someone far outside their league; a white woman.

I most probably never would have gotten into web video at all had I not submitted that fateful video these six years past.

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