Who is kyle dean massey dating

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The icing on the cake of the production is Massey, who is known for playing Fiyero in "Wicked," Gabe in "Next to Normal" and Pippin in "Pippin" on Broadway.

His boyish charm suited those characters, but the 35-year-old actor wanted to challenge himself.

"Just knowing that part of the country [Arkansas] well, it's not really fully embraced yet.

Even living in New York City, where it really is [accepted] as far as being an actor, I know a lot of gay people who are not openly gay because of the stigma, or the preconceived idea that may come along with that label," says Massey.

When approached by the production to play the titular dual role, Massey did think about the offer for a while."This was very different from what I did before.

Who is kyle dean massey dating

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