Who is john cena dating in 2016

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Inevitably, they make up at the end (everyone on this show makes up at the end). Maybe they're just not good actors but, regardless, I don't buy it. On next week's show: Cesaro moves in with Nattie and TJ and schemes to murder her and make it look like an accident so he can have TJ all to himself.

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After accepting her beau's proposal Nikki, 33, gushed on Twitter 'My Prince Charming made me his Queen in a place we call home,'Last night was truly unforgettable. N' she added along with a heard and diamond ring emoji.

The couple made an appearance on the Today show on Monday where the actor said he'd been waiting 'a long time' to propose.

Cena has been known in the WWE since 2002 when he made his debut.

If you have been watching wrestling or just not living under a rock anytime in the last decade, chances are you have seen or heard of him.

Asked whether the patter of little feet might be in her future, she told TMZ: I’ve been getting that question a lot, let me tell you.

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