Who is damian mcginty dating

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Damian Mc Ginty (born on September 9, 1992) is an actor and singer from Derry, Northern Ireland.

It was then passed along to Celtic Thunder Producer Sharon Browne and Music Director Phil Coulter, who invited Mc Ginty to sing for their first show.

Mc Ginty joined the newly formed Celtic Thunder in 2007 as a boy soprano at 14, and as he aged, developed a rich baritone, while still singing tenor and able to hit the high notes.

Mc Ginty won first singing completion at the early age of 5.

He won another major singing competition when he was just 14 and recorded a CD for the charity.

Mc Ginty has managed to stay out of controversies but once on his first time in bottom three on "The Glee Project" instead of singing " I wish that I had Jesse's girl" he accidently sang "I wish that I was Jesse's girl".

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