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I’m in constant agony and torture and I also have severe joint and muscle pain.” As for singing and playing guitar, he says, “The muscle and joint pain is so horrendous it distracts me from my other symptoms, so it’s relieving in a sick way. It’s a horrible, horrible condition and if I didn’t have the support of all the fans, and if I didn’t have my incredible wife and son it definitely wouldn’t be worth living through.” When it comes to playing live, Burnley says he uses his pain to fuel him. And if I go down, I go down doing what I love for the people that want to see me perform.” True to form, Breaking Benjamin have a full tour schedule ahead of them. Benjamin Burnley is a talented musician from United States.If you and your ex talked about getting back together three months ago but you found out from a friend he said he was getting married to someone else what would you do if he tried to talk to you again?

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They also have many imaginative videos for their songs. Suffering from health problems Burnley did take a break, but has returned with a soon to be released CD and tour of the USA with Young Guns.

He hired all new members for the band including, Jasen Rauch on lead guitar, Aaron Bruch on bass, Keith Wallen on rhythm guitar and Shaun Foist playing drums.

Via phone from his New Jersey home, the veteran singer/songwriter teased a new album, revealed particulars on the new tour and explained why – despite being a worldwide rock star – he’s really just a regular guy. Ben Burnley: It was crazy – I mean, we’d never done that before so it was just mind-blowing!

AXS: Since you and I last talked, dropped, marking your first No. You never think that a rock band, especially a rock band like us that’s kind of an underdog sort of band, would be able to achieve something like that.

Breaking Benjamin is one of the most intelligent and creative bands to hit the rock world in recent years.

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