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A Denver television station tested – and stumped – several parents to determine if they could crack the codes their children use when they’re texting or sending online messages on their phones. For some they feel it is their way to show affection. Then you have a few who have been bullied and/or coerced to send a sext message by someone looking to use the images against him or her.Nata nei Paesi anglosassoni, questo fenomeno presenta alcuni lati oscuri che preoccupano gli esperti.

Sexual exploitation is a type of abuse which can happen to anyone.

Victims are usually given something by their abuser - food, money, drugs, alcohol or gifts etc.

Ha destato scalpore il caso della 15enne friulana che si è offerta nuda sul web in cambio di una ricarica da 25 euro sul cellulare.

Ed è sceso in campo l’UNICEF che per bocca del rappresentante italiano Roberto Savan ha definito il fenomeno degli spogliarelli su internet “una realtà di prostituzione minorile”.

It deletes itself within seconds and there's no way of tracing it." These worries are shared by anti-bullying advocates, who say teens might be lulled into a false security if they believe the images they are sending are timed to self-destruct.

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