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Wap, 24, also offered words of encouragement to the concertgoers who aspire to one day succeed in music."I swear to God I never thought this (song) would bring me this far," he said of "Trap Queen," ''and I say that to say that this (stuff) ain't hard.

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WAP (CSD) is a time based service as opposed to a content or ‘package’ based service.

This means you are charged for the time you spend connected to ‘WAP’ sites, not how much information you browse.‘WAP’ (Wireless Application Protocol) is a mobile Internet technology that allows companies to publish information on the Internet in a format accessible by mobile phones.

We don’t ask people out, especially if we don’t know them well.

When I was visiting California this summer, a cashier from Brandy Melville asked me out on a date while I was buying a t-shirt.

"He just told me good luck on your career, you've got a bright future," Wap says. He shook my hand and gave me a hug." Since then, Wap says, "when I go to clubs, I don't have to wait outside."Just part of his mystique. Because he didn't lead with that story when Trap Queen took off, people started to speculate. Wap has the number 1738 tattooed beside his right, a reference to the Rémy Martin cognac.

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