Vegetarian dating madison wi

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The forty-third parallel runs through Wisconsin as well as Sapporo, Japan, home of 43 North’s owner, Shinji Muramoto.

Food concepts from all over the world, such as a cassoulet featuring lamb, bacon and white beans, as well as the tastes of Wisconsin (cheese plate!

) come together in large and small offerings at this exciting King Street restaurant.

My thoughts on speed dating are this: It is largely a crap shoot that is really not worth your time, and here are the two main reasons why: 1). You have only two or three minutes (typically) to make a positive and favorable first impression on a complete stranger *of the opposite gender*. In my opinion, your best bet would be to save your $35 and simply partake in a sport, club, or other community activity that you enjoy.

Sure, everyone in attendence is single (obviously), but that is where the commonalities end. By doing this you are overall far more likely to meet that someone, and people in general at some point or another, who you KNOW have common, or similar interests.

A new study suggests that infectious prions – thought to be the causative agents in mad cow disease and human v CJD – can survive wastewater decontamination and wind up in fertiliser, potentially contaminating fruit and vegetables.

The prions would be present in such low quantities that they are unlikely to pose a health threat, but as a precaution, “we should prevent the entry of prions into wastewater treatment plants,” says microbiologist Joel Pedersen, of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, US, who led the research.

$$$$Chez Nanou Spend an evening holed up at Chez Nanou, the east side’s delightful French bistro.

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