updating do not call list - Vb net form validating

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If you're using plain old winforms, have a look at the masked edit control. seperated date into your field, you force that date into a legitimate number by ignoring the second .

Trying to validate keystroke by keystroke is going to cause you many headaches.

An even better way is to use a control that supports decimals (if that is you're using something like infragistics, componentone, devexpress, etc.) The user gets visual cues and can do neat things like click the arrows to advance the numbers.

The pattern parameter consists of various regular expression language elements that symbolically describe the string to match pattern . Regular Expressions Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System.

The following source code shows how to validate an email address with the help of regular expressions.

It has the "Auto Validate" option set to "Enable Allow Focus Change".

Vb net form validating

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