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JSON Schema documents are identified by URIs, which can be used in HTTP Link headers, and inside JSON Schema documents to allow recursive definitions.

It didn't take long for JSON to become the hottest thing since Pam Anderson slowly bounced her way down the Bay Watch beaches. JSON is easy to understand visually, easy to parse on both the client and server sides, and is supported in just about every language except aborigine.

The JSON Schema validator evaluates JSON payloads at runtime and verifies that they match a referenced JSON schema.

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Just put your document and that schema into a JSON Schema validator, like this one, and it should tell you if your document is valid.

XML document that also conforms to the rules of a schema that defines the legal elements of an XML document.

For example: How you handle invalid data is up to you; moving forward with invalid data could present a security risk for both your organization and the user.

Kris also provides a server side JSON Schema validation routine within his Common JS Utils project on Git Hub.

There is however one problem I see with the way JSON is used by developers today: lack of validation.

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