Validating phony army interrogators exposed

by  |  16-Nov-2019 15:18

Those who invent, alter, remove, or destroy evidence make it difficult for any serious historian ever wholly to trust their work again.

Ward Churchill tells a shocking tale of war crimes committed by the U. Army at Fort Clark against the Mandan Indians in 1837. military unit was an eight hundred mile march away at Fort Leavenworth.

What methods are proper in attempting to obtain names and numbers of their friends and co-jihadis?

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Next slide, on to the US Army torture training facility.

The more difficult question is the interrogation of the murderous swine involved in a global war to slaughter as many infidels as necessary in order to restore the glories of 12th Century Islamic splendor to the world.

Here's how air force survival training typically works.

They take you to the remote woods of Washington state, deprive you of food and sleep, chase you around like an animal, and when they capture you, they drag you to a place called the Resistance Lab. It's located on an isolated patch of Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane and it's strictly off limits to outsiders.

Some of you emailed us about this guy, and as you know we are so backlogged, it takes time to get to each case, but Our friends over at thisainthell busted him out today. Ingram used his phony status to gain customers for his business, Brave Tactical.

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