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And I am surprised that it's even possible, I thought Chrome installed within the user profile and didn't need system write access to install. Any experience with similar things happening to the hosts file? There are about 15 entries in that file, and all of them point to localhost so it's not like there's malware trying to re-route any domain names.Edit: I have Process Monitor running with a filter on the hosts file. thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't thought of it initially. Read the Process Monitor log here: JTf5q Ws I dunno, I would suspect adware that is trying to serve ads from doubleclick. I'm monitoring the file with Process Monitor and it doesn't show anything out of the ordinary: after a /flushdns and a browser restart, the Dns Client service reloads the file once. File System Object")Set Wsh Shell=Create Object("WScript.

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I have some hosts that for some reason don't work with the DNS entries.

Can I update hosts files on all machines automatically? Ideally, you should fix the DNS, however, this is a quickfix and a show of VBS power in MS world. This has been tested with Windows XP and Windows 7. As a note, there's a part of the script that checks to see if the hosts file is read-only. Const For Reading = 1, For Writing = 2, For Appending = 8, Read Only = 1Set fso = Create Object("Scripting. Expand Environment Strings("%Win Dir%")Hosts File = Win Dir & "\System32\Drivers\etc\Hosts"Set obj FSO = Create Object("Scripting. Open Text File(Hosts File, For Reading)Do Until obj File.

Update: This morning, Process Monitor showed a bunch of file activity. I don't know if this is a common technique, but I'd start with a virus/spyware scan (fully updated, of course) and/or the Microsoft malicious software removal tool.

I am looking at to see if I can create powershell script to update the contents in the host file.

If you are doing a search by hostname, just replace it in the script (eg: replace .105 with whatever your hostname is) This particular script is adding a new host to the list, if it doesn't exist.

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