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This functionality can also be used on a regular LAN, for example to bypass regular UPn P SSDP device discovery in the rare cases it is not available for whatever reason (blocked by a firewall, UDP multicast disabled at the router level, ...).

Using Android Bubble UPn P or Bubble UPn P Tether client, you can make your Media Servers from your home local network visible on another LAN to any UPn P AV devices of this LAN (TV, Control Points, ...).

High framerate (HFR at 48fps) was used in The Hobbit and will be used in upcoming films like the Avatar sequels, so why not watch all your movies at higher framerates?

A lot of people don’t realize this, but 99% of TVs made before this feature was introduced are actually capable of displaying 50FPS and 60FPS, and of course most LCD monitors display 60FPS as well.

It is not hard to get problems in Windows Media Player. Download Windows Media Player Diagnostic tool via Microsoft Fixit. Run the downloaded executable, make sure to run as administrator. You can make a new folder in C drive named “Microsoft Fixit”, to save the tool. The tool will download and save the portable tool of around 40MB in size in the specified folder.

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