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When updating your home start by searching for simple dining room ideas such as applying new paint and hanging decorative pictures, before turning to the more extravagant ventures of purchasing new furniture or building a new room.

Although there are a variety of bargain stores where you can purchase cheap dining room table sets, it can sometimes be more beneficial, and wallet friendly, to buy a can of paint.

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your formal dining space, but do not have a hefty budget to work with?

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I've also implemented a Moo Tools lightbox: Smoothbox.

The following code will show you how to create a beautiful photo gallery by simply dumping your photos in a directory.

It is predicted that some of the most popular dining room colors in 2016 will focus on hues of burnt orange, robust burgundy, and dramatic shades of blue.

With these changing trends, why not update your living and dining rooms to keep your home current and stylish for the New Year?

This will not only help this space to look cleaner but it will also transform it into an entirely new room depending on the color you choose.

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