Teen sex dating websites for free - Updating internet explorer search engines

by  |  29-Jul-2019 16:30

For those of you who still use IE 11 from time to time, you may have noticed that with a recent update your default search provider may have been changed to Bing.

Microsoft has made a security enhancement that stops malicious software from hijacking your browser by changing the default search engine and home page.

It consists of a simple query box with no advanced search options.

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If your browser isn’t listed below, check its help resources for information about changing search settings.

Depending on which web browser you are using, it is either difficult or relatively easy to switch search providers.

The only requirement in completing the task is to choose which settings user desires Internet Explorer to protect.

Once selected, he can access and change them, whenever required. Says Microsoft, Because some programs seek to change user settings without the user’s consent, Microsoft Edge is hardened to protect user settings (including protecting search results and other web content from third party injection).

Being the dad of two teenage “gamers” who are always on the verge of downloading the latest malware I do appreciate the added security.

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