Updating firmware on sony blu ray player

by  |  03-Sep-2019 13:31

Blu-ray Player is also capable of playing popular video files. * Play blu-ray movies with DTS HD or Dolby True HD Audio.

I called Sharp this AM, they added the movie to their "will not play" list and said they would call me back in a few days. This is my first BD player and my first experience with Sharp HDTV. If you have the Sharp BD-HP21, you cannot watch the Slumdog Millionaire BD until you get the March 13, 2009 update.

I plan to purchase an "older" BD today and see if that one works..... Bought it about two month ago and have had three movies I purchased don't play. Going to check out the Panasonic one mentioned above. I got the movie new and knew nothing was wrong with the disc, but it wouldn't play.

This amazing player can not only play Blu-ray Disc, but also support 4K Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder (BDMV) and ISO image files.

This Blu-ray Player is reliable and expert in playing Blu-ray discs released in different regions and dates trough simple clicks of mouse. * Bring users 4K/1080P HD video watching experience.

Firstly, it features a newly redesigned outer case – after 2 years of a very cool looking but highly controversial stealth-looking design, Sony has reverted to a square outer shell with a minimalist look.

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