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Erutan (real name, Kate Covington, also known by her internet name katethegreat19), is a singer/songwriter who has made several unofficial vocal arrangements of themes from the music of the Final Fantasy series.Erutan performs and arranges her work by herself, being able to play the violin, the piano, the lyre, the guitar, several types of drums, and an array of other musical instruments.

Puzzle & Dragons (PAD) is a mobile puzzle game which involves matching tiles; increasing numbers of matches empowers the monsters controlled by the player, which they may then use to fight through dungeons.

PAD, which has been so successful that there is an anime based on it, heavily collaborates with other media, especially anime and role-playing games. Trance is the Limit Break system of Final Fantasy IX, and, aside from serving as a plot device, is indicated in gameplay by the character turning gray (or pink, in Zidane's case -- an allusion to the Trance of Terra Branford in Final Fantasy VI) and gaining new abilities.

Instead, each player creates a customizable character and adventures through the world of Vana'diel with other players; leveling up, exploring, completing missions, quests, and much more.

Like most of the gameplay, leveling up requires a group of people working together in what is called a Party, with each participant contributing their own skills to help take down a foe and gain Experience points.

She started playing music at the age of two and went on to win many competitions in classical violin.

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