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It can be a good idea to tighten up some of your Perl programming practices, since mod_perl doesn't tolerate sloppy programming.

This chapter relies on a certain level of Perl knowledge.

updating apache mod perl-25

o (Alexander Farber) o (Marc Lehmann, Kees Vonk) o (Ime Smits) o (Michele Beltrame) o (Surat Singh Bhati, Paul Cotter ) o (Aaron Johnson, Cliff Rayman, Yann Kerhervé) o (Daniel Bohling) o (Kevin Swope, Jamie) o corrected the math example with 56k modem, where the result was times and not seconds (Thanks to the students from my class at YAPC:: Europe 2000) o corrected the math example using the Max Client formula (for split code sets) o verified that squid's default read-ahead (send) buffer is of 16KB o corrected another math example with calculating real Max Clients when shared memory is taken into an account (Thanks to an anonymous bearded student from from my class at YAPC:: Europe 2000) o new section: "Measuring the Memory of the Process" o The "Forking and Executing Subprocesses from mod_perl" sections has been almost completely rewritten o The "Global vs.

Fully Qualified Variables" section was rewritten o suggestion to use warn while debugging (Kenny Gatdula) o extended the section on using strace(1).

(Randy Kobes) o "Interpolation vs List" update: wrongly used the 'concatenation' term instead of interpolation (Mark Summerfield) o "Interpolation, Concatenation or List" was rewritten o new: "Architecture Specific Compile Options" (Tim Bunce, Perrin Harkins, Greg Cope, Owen Williams, Vivek Khera, Steve Fink, James W Walden) o added a link to Andrew Ford's Apache and mod_perl pocket books.

o added a link to take23o added a XS resources section o added a link to the scalable list archive o remove the mailing list post address, to make it easier of Ask to filter SPAM.

Apache/Perl modules are somewhat different from the many others found on CPAN (

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