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For example, it is practically impossible for young Soviet students to live together with any privacy, unless they are married.


The somewhat laughable explanation for most of these cast-offs is that the Dolls found them too poppy.

With the exception of a forgettable "Pretty in Pink" cover, nothing here feels saccharine or simplistic.

Everytime I went I hoped that I wouldn't have to wait over 60 min--no such luck.

He doesn't return calls in a timely manner (2-3) days, you can't get prescription refills unless you go see him so that he can get a co-pay out of you. Clyde Mc Morris" "Houston, Tx", some very interesting things will come up...

Singer/pianist Amanda Palmer just deploys too many mindfucks, warping a song like "Ultima Esperanza" from 1990s female singer-songwriter detritus to an unsettling ballad of turbulent yelps and lyrics about an amputee.

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