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His eagerness to be a dad began as a low hum nearly a decade ago, when Anabel - whose mother is a close childhood friend - was a newborn, curled into a ball and asleep against his chest.

One of the most difficult aspects of travelling is the trial of wrangling the kids, whether the trip is intended as a family holiday getaway or not.

Family holidays can often seem to be more trouble than they’re worth, which is why having a family friendly hotel that meets your needs is so important.

This year we're spending our summer in the mountains of Wyoming with a puppy in tow!

Now I'm more concerned than ever about ticks and how to repel them without using harmful chemicals like DEET, proven to be harmful to humans (soft puppy bellies included) and the environment.

At age 38, he thought he'd be a father by now, or at least heading in that direction with a wife or girlfriend.

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