The base system dating

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Our ten numerals are referred to as the Indo-Arabic (or Hindu-Arabic) numbers since they were developed in India by the 9th century and then transmitted to the Western world via the Arabs.

Most notably they appear in the 1202 ) of Leonardo of Pisa (better known as Fibonacci).

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Exceeding the number 9 in a position starts counting in the next highest position.

Number greater than 1 appear to the left of a decimal point.

For example, an \(\) in Roman numerals represents ten, no matter its location.

(Numerous websites are available to learn more about any of the above systems.) The Babylonian, ancient Chinese, and Maya number systems are additive, meaning that they repeat a symbol to represent larger numbers.

In a place-value system, the value of each symbol used is determined by its location in the number.

The base system dating

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