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But tonally, when they’re paired with the Carver PM-1.5 power amps, they’re monsters with plenty of gain and a real tight low end that doesn’t cause my speakers to flub out—because those 15" speakers could cause it to lose some definition. How did you create those carnival-gone-wrong sounds in “Dr. You play deep string bends extremely accurately, and you have a very unique left-hand vibrato technique—as evidenced on the new tracks “Dogs and Cattle Prods” and “Psycho-Delic Haze.” How did you develop those?

It gets confused with an octave fuzz or a gnarly keyboard, but it’s just this little device I’ve had for a long time—it’s a great studio tool.

Sunn featured heads, and what they referred to as “Self-Contained Amps”, commonly known as combos.

There were two main amps in the Beta series, the Beta Lead and Beta Bass.

Sunn was a brand with a fairly long and interesting history, but today let’s focus on the late 70’s.

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