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I am a granddaughter of Spanish-speaking migrant workers who were Spanish-speaking Americans.

I have a 10th grade education and am in my 2nd year of community college.

We pledge to support women in every possible way we can, including sharing responsibilities around the house and in parenting.

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This knowledge was a terrible affront to the Christian sensibilities of the day that a literal reading of the Bible was not correct such as Psalm 93:1 (The world will surely stand in place, never to be moved).

Further discovery showed that the sun is only at the center of our solar system, not the center of the universe as the Copernican theory postulated and is merely one of millions of stars.

I formed ideas about what a woman should be and I formed feelings about men, ideas which affected every relationship I ever had.

Meninist is a global organization of men that believe in and support the feminist principles of women's political, social and economic equality.

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