Discreet ts chat site web cam - Stop windows from updating vista

by  |  29-Jul-2019 19:05

You will now see a window that will look like this, Note: Microsoft recommends that you must keep your windows up-to-date in order to remain secure.And I recommend the same, my computer is always up-to-date, this is one reason I never get attacked by any kind of virus.If you were downloading some important files you might not want the computer to reboot automatically.

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You can also suspend the process with Ps Suspend and the command pssuspend wuauclt. Right click on the found program and click Run as administrator.

Enter the command net stop "windows update" and you're good to go.

You can do this by opening an administrative mode command prompt.

Type into the start menu search box, and use Ctrl Shift Enter to open in administrative mode.

Windows Update's automatic reboot can be one of the most annoying "features" in Microsoft operating systems.

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