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The Software Updates are broadcast over-the-air or can be downloaded from the Dish TV website, please see more information here. Please follow these instructions: To tune PRIME: 1. This process will take approximatly 10-15 minutes to complete.

For DISH TV satellite receivers, a blind scan will generally restore PRIME in most cases: 1. Once the scan process is completed the receiver will return to watching normal TV.

It will change license headers on all files it understands (currently Java, Java FX, XML, Groovy and Properties) under any directory. Shortcut nodes for theme and plugin UML is a UML diagram tool for Net Beans that provides features to easily create and work with UML diagrams.

Net Beans module that provides Ja Co Co code coverage for Ant based Java SE, Java EE and Net Beans Module projects (JDK5,6,7,8 compatible). Currently it supports only class diagrams providing drag-and-drop visual editor for diagram drawing, Java code generation from diagrams and 'reverse engineering' to create class diagrams from...

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

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