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On September 25, 2009, the Court certified class actions covering ten Burger King restaurants in Northern California. Action against the owners and operators of a the Fiddler’s Green amphitheater alleging violation of the ADA and state law (including violation of the state consumer protection act) for failing to provide dispersed, wheelchair-accessible and companion seating.

Action under the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act and California state law against the operator of a fixed-route bus system for discrimination against blind and visually impaired persons by failing to announce bus stops and routes.

This lawsuit, filed in January, 2012, challenges accommodations for people who are deaf and in the custody of the Denver Police Department and the Denver County Jail.

Fox & Robertson, with co-counsel Carrie Ann Lucas, of the Center for Rights of Parents with Disabilities, are suing the City and County of Denver for its failure to provide sign language interpreters and other accommodations to such individuals.

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