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They then identified extremes for each driver that were far from their current state.For example, the group defined the education driver as “the degree to which US elementary through higher education has developed curricula to produce science and technical talent.” Participants decided that in their future story, the US education system would substantially weaken, resulting in relatively few new science graduates, and that government funding, the second driver, would drop precipitously.

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I aim to find alums with varying levels of experience (from under three years to 30 years) who work in a variety of practice settings (public defender’s office, large firm, solo practice, in-house counsel, etc.).

I like to invite alumni for two reasons: First, it shows students the wide variety of potential career paths they can have after graduating from our law school—and inviting relatively recent alumni makes those careers seem more realistically attainable.

, observed that decision makers get stuck in a memory loop and can only predict the future as a reflection of the past.

He labels this dynamic the “narrative fallacy” – you see the future as merely a slight variation on yesterday’s news.

Our guinea pigs consisted of life sciences executives from big pharma, biotech entrepreneurs, and academics.

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