Speed dating park slope

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And Brunch Con isn't just about stuffing one's face.

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Speculative Fiction writers love to apply this trope to the Theory of Relativity, The Theme Park Version of which says, "If you go fast enough, you'll alter the flow of time, and you can Time Travel to the future or the past." Characters who can't travel through time get the opposite effect: They can speed up so fast, it's as if time stops for the rest of the world.

a guardian angel who rights even the most harmless of wrongs with lightning speed. However, several teen and kid heroes have used it to quickly clean up after a wild house party or to finish in five minutes all that homework that had to be put off to defeat the Monster of the Week.

If you are Italian American, Sicilian American, or hail straight from Italy, our speed dating events are for you.

At our Italian speed dating events you could meet up to 15 single men and women just like you!

So it's about time that the city is hosting its first ever Brunch Con, a celebration of Eggs Benedict, Bloody Marys, and everything in between.

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