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Mission Statement Our mission, simply stated, is to help one another participate in Christ’s mission, that we as young adult Catholics may be effective disciples, evangelists, and agents of charity in all that we do. You can subscribe to it by clicking the link above or the tile on the left side of this page.

Recognizing our diverse interests, needs, gifts, and talents, we coordinate opportunities to foster the many aspects of our lives: the spiritual, that we may grow in relationship with God; the intellectual, that we may know Him and ourselves; the social, that we may build supportive communities and lasting friendships; and the charitable, that we may direct our blessings in service of others. A great way to connect with others is to join the monthly Cocktails After Church group (fourth Sunday of the month), which goes to a local establishment for drinks and dinner after the PM Sunday mass. This event, held in the fall, is a great opportunity to make new friends – and possibly meet ‘the one.’ The Volleyball League starts in the winter and continues through early spring. Alphonsus partners with Charis Ministries for a number of events.

O’Connell’s goal is to keep the young people in the neighborhood as they grow older and raise their children through the teenage years.

To encourage this, he plans to add youth and marriage programs and even floats the possibility of a new Catholic high school in the area, in partnership with other local parishes. As in Orland Park, he’s got 2,600 families in the parish.

Alphonsus's father, Don Joseph de' Liguori was a naval officer and Captain of the Royal Galleys.

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