Speed dating as a methodological innovation

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He is also interested in exploring how close relationships research can inform evolutionary psychological approaches (and vice versa), especially with respect to the way that relationships grow and develop over time (see a brief description of the Re CAST model here).

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He describes the term further in his book The Innovator's Dilemma.

I have been reading a lot about Millennials, this new breed stemming from the digital age. I, as a Gen X, could easily relate to what I was reading and did not realise the real gap until I had the opportunity to directly compare the ways of thinking, the value systems, attitudes, and mental models, of Millennials and Baby Boomers.

Office: Young Hall 102FEmail: [email protected] Vitae Paul Eastwick’s research investigates how people initiate romantic relationships and the psychological mechanisms that help romantic partners to remain committed and attached.

One of his research programs examines how the qualities that people say are critically important to them in a romantic partner—their ideal partner preferences—direct romantic partner selection and retention. Replicability and other features of a high-quality science: Toward a balanced and empirical approach.

“We needed to understand not only the citizens and businesses, but the system.

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