Sophia myles dating david tennant

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But when she does, she makes everyone fall in love with her even more than they already did before.

Such is her persona that she brightens a room with her presence.

Being discovered at the tender age of 16 might have been a boon for her career, but greater exposure led to more affairs, and worse still, none were worthy enough to have lasted.

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You always have your share of heart breaks to endure.

British actress Sophia Myles hardly gives out interviews.

With the great sense of humor and that mesmerizing blue eyes, hardly anyone can escape her charm.

But this beauty seems to have a hard luck when it comes to relationships.

Murdoch closed News of the World in 2011 after it was revealed that it had eavesdropped on the voicemails of celebrities, politicians and even a 13-year-old murder victim.

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