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The course, Dating with Authenticity and Confidence, will be divided into three sessions and we will meet every other week for six weeks.

I am offering this course over several weeks to allow us to spend a meaningful amount of time and energy on this important topic.

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The area gets 10x more beautiful in the spring, with the newly blossomed tulips.

After a short walk from the entrance, you will come across the cable car ride, which gives you a complete view of the park.

Sarbi to pass him and win the first 100m ever in the stadium. Sarbi made herself a promise that will come again in August when the Championships will be held to see Usain Bolt try to beat her new record.

In an effort to stick with the warm and sunshiny theme of the weather, I thought I'd pop in and give you a little update on the goings-on in my world lately. Since then, I have seen her focus more on work than she has on dating, and she has stopped hiding the look of disappointment when I tell her that I'm going to see a movie with my boyfriend on a Friday night, instead of going out to a club with her.

So being the great friend that I (think I) am, I decided to push her into the dating pool head first, without a flotation device and hope for the best.

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