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She enjoys great popularity as a Korean Wave star in China and Taiwan, having made several series there. It is a romantic comedy about a top star who finds himself living with his manager, a 35-year-old woman who is trying to earn money to get custody of her child.

Chae Rim also co-hosted the MBC variety show Music Camp from 1999 to 2000. On March 31, 2006, Lee's agency Cloud Fish released news of the couple's divorce, stating that due to personality differences, the couple had been separated since December 2005.

I think the most real account of how he is comes from his friend Stacy Nam, who once said that he is really like a gentleman in real life but also prone to bursts of unreasonableness and jealousy and too much seriousness like any other human being.

But we also know from Suju that Siwon is the first to apologize when he messes up, that he can’t deal with fights and wants to break off the tension, that he tries to approach things from a clear-headed perspective even though he doesn’t always achieve it.)Like, I believe him entirely when he said in the confessional part of the show (which I think is real commentary from them on whatever it is the show is having them do) that any guy would enjoy a personal victoria’s secret fashion show.

Fans have taken to social media and reacted in different ways.

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