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However, there is no official clinical diagnosis of sex addiction, making consistent identification and treatment of this issue a little murky.Part of the challenge in defining sexual addiction is that the religious and cultural norms of our society are disregarded by many as overly restrictive.

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But what many of them don’t realize is that there are pros and cons, both, to setting up an encounter with someone so well established in the porn industry.

Hi Lucy, I'm just married; we have been together twelve years with ups and downs.

Women, on average, have gotten worse since 1970 in almost every possible way. Throw in the relative costs involved, and frankly, it's pretty damn hard to make any sort of rational secular case for women, let alone marriage, over porn, video games, and sports.

“Traditionally, one of the reasons to enter into a marriage was sexual gratification.

Get this: When I see a poster on the bus station of a girl in a bikini, my boner doesn't react at all.

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