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Wealthy, lonely and high-tech Americans can even have virtual sex with avatars if they want. When sexual behavior works against intimacy in a love relationship, or against personal integrity for a single person who's not in love, it can be called "dysfunctional sexual behavior." It is an addiction when that behavior shows three or more of the following 10 signs: ■ Broken plans (frequency or duration of behavior exceeds what's planned).

■ Can't quit (persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to stop for good). ■ Preoccupation with thoughts of dysfunctional behavior.

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And when we aren't getting it, more and more Americans are finding cheap substitute experiences that provide more reliably immediate satisfaction.

These include such traditional sneaky thrills as affairs, prostitution and looking at pornography, but also new hybrids such as seductive texting, chat rooms and stripping by webcam.

My relationship with my wife was pretty uneventful before we discovered webcamming.

We had fallen into the routine (rut) most couples never anticipate before getting married.

School districts have used RATs to spy on students in their bedrooms; rent-to-own computer stores have secretly watched their customers.

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