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Jennifer Jones, CEO of the Women's Center, told The Record the latest arrests were part of the second or third sting operation that has involved the nonprofit agency.No further details were given on the operation and arrests.

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Hours after Elliot Rodger took the lives of himself and six others on the UC Santa Barbara campus, a California man allegedly fired shots at three women when they turned down sexual advances.

The three women were at a home in Stockton when the three men they were visiting reportedly asked them to have sex.

The factors of heterosexual divorce are the same for same-sex couples.

Both include the shared assets of homes, bank accounts, cars and even adopted children.

Same-sex married couples who got married in California but do not live in California and live in a state (or states) that will not dissolve a same-sex marriage, can file to end their same-sex marriage in California, regardless of these residency requirements.

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