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– John Doe Title IX complaint, filed October, 2014. Occidental suit in LA Superior Court, filed August, 2014 .

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However, months later, the accused reportedly became aware of text messages his alleged victim, known as Sandra Jones, sent following their encounter, which he believes suggests she did give her consent.

He then asked Amherst College to reopen their investigation into the incident in light of the new messages but they refused.

A former student of Amherst College who was expelled for alleged sexual misconduct has been told he can't rely on text messages sent by his accused in a bid to clear his name as they might cause her 'psychological trauma'.

The student, only known as John Doe, was expelled from the college in Massachusetts in 2013 after being accused of sexually assaulting a his girlfriend's room-mate.

“We wanted to obliterate those distinctions and open up a way of looking at things that was fairly rare in the academy.” Alexander recalls hearing someone playing piano in the next room during one of his early classes.

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