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I would have to say all in all, Ive lost between 0-0 in 5 years, not really a huge financial setback, but enough to teach me a lesson that its impossible to beat the casino. Followed basic strategy to a T, still blew in about 20 minutes time.Ill play baccarat, banker bet, one of the best bets in the house, still lose .Welcome to Cards, the best online poker forums for learning and playing your favourite game.

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I read stories about guys who will blow through $50k at the casino over a few months playing roulette (one of the worst house odds games in the whole building!

) I mean to blow 5 figures at the casino from gambling is about the only thing that gets them to look at "hey, maybe I have a problem? My point is, does this all come down to poor bankroll management?

Years later Sandy is driven by a need to feel loved and complete.

Now, however, her sexual behavior is out of control.

At times like this, when she is tired and vulnerable, she asks herself how she has come to this place in her life.

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