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In terms of etiquette, we encourage you to focus on your parent’s happiness and on keeping a positive tone to your relationship.

“Mom, I like the man you introduced me to the other day, and I think he likes you. It would be wonderful if you started seeing each other… ” Your parent will know when and if it feels like the right time to start dating.

He (let's call him Luther) gave my friend his number and e-mail so I could get in touch.

The telephone was more than I could handle, so I e-mailed. The best way to prepare for an evening out when you're pushing 70 is to put the blue eyeliner on before you make coffee in the morning. We moved to a table by the window overlooking the icy creek I can never remember the name of.

And there are some adult children who see a parent’s new relationship as a threat: That “new partner” is just after their money.

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