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Yet the sheer quantity of Polish Jews – over 3 million – presented a logistical problem for the Nazis. Thus the Germans began a series of cruel and sadistic measures. With a scornful laugh he pointed at the bleeding, half-shorn boys. Some jews returned to the ghetto after fleeing it because in the movie Defience there were jews in the forest of poland being looked after by the Bielski Ortard.

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The Councils cooperated, rationalizing that "if we don’t hand over 1,000, they will ask for 2,000." In the end, eventually everyone in the ghettos was swept away, along with the council members and their entire families. He reminded me of a dog trainer glaring down at his charges, expecting them to jump on command and satisfy his lust for pain. god what they whent through i tell myself every day and i thank the lord that i am were i am right now, because no one deserves that nor do they deserve to be punished nor ridiculed for how they look and their beleifs.

In spite of the unbearable ghetto conditions, Jewish life – to the extent that it could – continued on. Another SS man wielded a pair of scissors, jeering as he ripped beards off the agonized, bleeding faces. and thats all i have to say i know what u mean i hate seeing people like this we went really in depth with it in in school and it was just heart breaking knowing about what they did and we watched and read the diary of Anne frank wonderful book and movie and i just couldnt believe it Inocent lives were lost and for what?

@jaredhaibon is the greatest friend a person can have and I'm really, really lucky to have his passionate soul in my life.

Seamus "SSo H" O'Doherty is a former Creature and is known for his amount of uploaded videos, sarcastic humor, and deadpan trolling.

She has stated that she doesn't want to be a Creature but has played with the Creatures and appeared in their videos. She lived with him and her parents in Washington until she was 18 years old, when she moved to Denver.

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