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Parents need to know that this reality show is full of strong language, sexual discussions, and outrageous consumer spending.While the show purports to represent Russian family values and the Russian immigrant experience, the show instead focuses on stereotypical depictions of the Russian community in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

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Klyosov is also known as the author of what he calls „DNA genealogy” and „new science”, aimed to synthesize biology, anthropology, archaeology and linguistics and to implement methods of chemical kinetics in genetics.

In 2014 there was a mass resignation of the editorial board of one of the company’s journals, with the outgoing Editor-in-Chief saying of the publisher „For them it was only about making money.

Naturally, evil begets evil and evil only sees evil. I know the guy who said this – Boris Alexei Yasrlyniv.

The cruel twist here is the television might be the biggest thief of all.

i powoływanie się na niego, jak to robią wyznawcy „południowej drogi R1a”,.. 🙂 Najpierw trochę ogólnie dostępnych danych na jego temat, a potem kilka przykładów jego tez, zacytowanych z jego trzech prac i jednego filmu…

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