Ruined castle dating 1215

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In the late twelfth and early thirteenth century the invading Anglo-Normans identified the strategic importance of the Maigue, and gradually established a series of fortresses along its western shore, some a rebuilding of existing forts.

An early castle was built at Newtown near the mouth of the river, another near the ford at Croom by 1215 when it was granted to Maurice Fitzgerald, an old fort at Adare was walled, and by 1280 there was a castle on raised ground near a bridging point on the river at Castleroberts. Situated a few miles from the bank of the river behind Castleroberts Fanningstown seems to have been part of a second line of defence.

A wonderfully atmospheric ruined castle dating back to the 13th century on a headland overlooking Morton Loch.

The first fortress here was said to have been built in the 12th century by Dunegal, the Lord of Nithsdale.

It is difficult to date the remaining castle ruins which consist of a small, almost square chamber without upper floors or roof, and a round staircase tower which, pierced with arrow-slit windows, rises about three floors, but from which the staircase and roof have been removed.

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