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Those of you who wish to use this site as a platform to advertise your teddies for sale please email us...This on line museum or archive of bears is to help collectors or those interested, to identify the make, type and date of bears and form a pictorial history of bears through the first half of the twentieth century, from...

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Unfortunately JW red is not highly collectable due to the huge quantity of it produced or it is very old (50 years).

The size of the bottle is a positive however as not that many of this large size were produced.

ercol was founded in 1920 by a young Italian immigrant, Lucian Ercolani, whose simple goal was to make furniture that was well designed and made in a good working environment by craftsmen who really took pride in their jobs.

This timeline shows the main events associated with ercol all the way from the birth of Lucian Ercolani in the 1880s, through the introduction of the Loveseat in the 1950s, the first CNC machine used in the factory in 1980s, to the V&A Chair Arch in 2009 and beyond.

This antique Steiff miniature "Teddy Baby" bear dates to the 1930s and is extremely rare, these gorgeous little Steiff bears rarely come up for sale. Brandy Maureen Rowley of Summerhayes Bears at Old Bears at Stow. He is 16 inches tall made in a cinnamon coloured mohair which gives an old effect. SOLD by Diane's Dolls Antique Chad Valley Magna Series Bear "Malcolm" - 24 inches!!

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