Problem belkin router keeps updating dns

by  |  16-Apr-2019 06:41

Still can't get online." "Tried that as well as it didn't work," says another user named akashik.

"The only way I've managed to get this computer back online was to connect it directly to the modem, avoiding the router.

Note: Before you proceed with the following steps to solve Overwatch internet connectivity issues, however, do make sure that you have checked the Service Status page or Blizzard CSEU_EN Twitter.

This setting was my mistakeso has No Bearing on the 4 Stars.

4 Stars is because the Firewall is pretty much useless.

At around a.m., Belkin acknowledged the service disruption and said its technical team is "diligently working to root cause the issue." Speculation abounds that the problem was due to a buggy firmware update, but users on Reddit said they were still unable to connect to the Internet even with automatic updates turned off on their router More than an hour after acknowledging the issue, Belkin issued a workaround to allow them to get online by using public DNS servers, such as Google's public DNS with addresses and

This suggests that the outage was due to a DNS problem since the routers were able to pick up the DNS settings from DCHP but could not resolve domain names properly.

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